A very small sample of comments we've received from our clients...

Hi Kate & Michelle,

I wanted to take this moment and thank you for assisting me with my shipment to Mozambique. I could not have found a better company. You worked through all the details to send a container to a difficult part of the world, and it arrived safely in good time. I appreciate your patience, kindness, hard work, and customer care through the whole process. I will definitely recommend you to potential future clients.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

Joel - Massachusetts


I just wanted to take the time to say a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all of you!

My shipping arrived yesterday around 10 am. Every box and item was still intact and safe. There were no damages and absolutely nothing was broken.

So let me take it from the top:

Kate: Thank you for answering my millions of questions and being patient with me during the packing stage! Thank you also for guiding me around the whole paletizing and volume issue. This was new to me!

Michelle: Thank you for processing my paper work and taking care of the invoices. A huge thanks for getting me a copy of the inventory sheets....dont know what happened to those!

Vivian: Thanks for getting me through customs and calming through the delivery process.

The delivery guys were on point and efficient! They had the truck unloaded and boxes dropped off in each room as was directed!

Ladies, you were all extremely polite, patient and professional at all times with me, even when I was coming unhinged with concern.

Moving is an extremely stressful time in one's life but it sure does help when the shipping and delivery of one's possessions does not have to be a concern.

I highly recommend your services and give you all an A+ rating.

Many thanks,

Cynthia - Maryland

Dear Ms. Waterton.

I am writing to commend Michelle Bergmann and Kate DeLuca on the fine job they did on assisting us with our move from Oregon to the Cook Islands.

They were very professional, always available to answer questions, thorough, careful, in a good mood and very accommodating. They were well groomed, very nice uniforms, and the red parka was great looking.

Kate answered our initial inquiries with a promptness and the quality of information that far exceeded that of any of the other five companies we contacted.

After the initial contact, all of our dealing were with Michelle who was quite simply --amazing!!! We got responses to our questions within an hour or two, sometimes within minutes, we got clear explanations, and everything was handled, quickly, politely and with a level of efficiency that is rare in business today. While our move was not without its "interesting moments", it went smoothly and efficiently. Our belongings arrived in good condition and with virtually no damage.

Michelle was with us all the way! She seemed to understand and anticipate the anxieties that go with shipping house and home to an isolated island in the South Pacific! No question was to petty, no request to great or small, everything we asked was dealt with in a cheerful, professional manner and, although we recognized that we were "pretty small fish", we felt as if we were the ONLY client of RSSC -- such was the quality of service we received.

Please accept my apologies for not writing sooner, the transition to life in an idyllic Pacific paradise is not without challenges, and unfortunately none of the agencies with which we have had to deal -- especially government -- had a Michelle.

Again, our thanks to RSSC, Kate, and Michelle for the fantastic job!!


Andy and Kat - Oregon


Just wanted to let you know that your staff in Chile did a superb job in packing and loading 317 boxes yesterday.

They were very professional, always available to answer questions, thorough, careful, in a good mood and very accommodating. They were well groomed, very nice uniforms, and the red parka was great looking.

Please give them my special thanks and let them know they are the best!


Yvonne - Chile

Hi Emma, Kate and Michelle – thank you for your assistance with my shipment.

Everything arrived today in the exact condition it left Virginia – I am REALLY pleased with the service. The guys both in Williamsburg and here in Sydney who help load and unload the crate were fantastic! Please feel free to use me as a reference if you need. I’m a happy camper!


Bill - Virginia

Hi Kate,

Our move is finalized, everything arrived in good shape and in time.

We had a fantastic experience with RSS, thank you so much for your help.

I'm now thinking about Christmas, and I would like to get the bedroom set I saw at Rooms To Go before I left, and I'd like to know if your company could ship it from my in-laws house in Florida to my new house in France.

What information do you need to quote me this transfer ?


Sebastien - Texas

Hello Kate,

I wish to thank you for the service you provided me, on my move to the Philippines. All items arrived in the same condition as they left the U.S. Not one dish or glass was damaged. Not a thing was missing. I have moved within the U.S. Items were damaged and missing. This was not the case with your company.

I would highly recommend your service to anyone.

Thanks again,

Jack - Michigan

Dear Kate,

Thank you very much for all you have done to make this move somewhat pleasurable. It is good to know some companies aren’t in it just for the money and actually provide great service.

Kind Regards,

Rich - California

Thank you Karen for your help (and patience!). I really appreciate it. You have by far been the most helpful and friendly agent I've worked with from any company and RSS does a great job of providing user-friendly information. I will definitely be recommending you to all of my colleagues and employees. My husband and I work for international schools and basically everyone we work with hops around the world every two to three years.

Kathrine - Washington


I wanted to thank you for a job well done. It was because of you and the knowledge you have that made things here for me, easier. I went with you (and this company) for many reasons. When I first talked to you, you had been honest and quick with knowledge. Confidence is a key with me and you had that. Everything I need from a company was brought to me with you in the front. I enjoyed working with you and when all my other friends come here, you will get a call. The job is complete and we have found a home.

Michael (and the Family) - California