Ocean Freight

Reliable and Fast Ocean Freight Shipping

Full Container Moves - We offer different size containers depending on the size and content of your ocean freight.

  • Ideal equipment to use when shipping a large volume of goods (donated goods/household goods & personal effects, etc)
  • If considering a 20’, 40’ or 40' High Cube Container for your move, it’s important to see the word “Exclusive” or “Sole Use” when describing the equipment otherwise chances are that you'll be sharing a container with another shipper. Generally speaking, sharing a container is not a good idea unless your shipment volume is minimal.
  • Our exclusive container household goods shipments bear no weight or volume restrictions.
  • Service Options Include: Port to Port/Port to Door/Door to Port/Door to Door

Shared Container Moves (less than 300 cubic feet of household goods)

  • Since shipments going overseas in a shared container are priced out by the cubic foot, make certain that the price per cubic foot is clearly indicated. If you don’t see the price per cubic foot, make certain that your moving specialist sends you a revised proposal with this information.
  • Shared container pricing works on a scale. The higher your volume, the lower the cost per cubic foot
  • All LCL (less than container load/shared container) moves are required by the steamship line to be palletized or crated. Once your shipment is palletized your total volume will typically increase by 20 to 30% (depending on whether or not you are including furniture in your shipment)
  • Service Options Include: Port to Port/Port to Door/Door to Port/Door to Door
*Destination delivery services may not be available to some locations.