Covid-19 Alert



This is a difficult, emerging and rapidly evolving situation. We at RSS, LLC recognize that people throughout the world are concerned for their personal health and that of their families and friends.


Things are changing day by day.  We are open for business, but our staff is working remotely from home.  As of today, all US ports and most truckers are still open and operating since they are considered an 'essential business'. 


We are still accepting new clients and aiming to accommodate their requested date. So far, no issues. While we haven't experienced any delays in shipping yet, that could change.  We are still busy because people need to move. Most people are making their reservation for the shipping using a tentative (and hopeful) date. We are closely monitoring the current conditions.  If there ends up being a delay, when things are back to normal the move can happen quickly since their tentative reservation has already been received and will be on file with the steamship line.  Our fear is that if things stop all together, once it's clear to resume there will be months and months of waiting for people that haven't made their tentative reservation with us (or any other company for that matter).


This will eventually pass; hopefully sooner rather than later. Stay safe & stay well.